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Prayer for the Closing of Guantanamo

While this prayer was designed for use in a group setting, you are invited to use it by yourself for individual prayer or reflection.


Leader: Our God and Sustainer, you have created all people – each one of us with dignity and worth, sacred in your sight.

People: Help us this day and everyday to hold that truth in our hearts and to honor it in all we do, treating every person as your unique creation.

Leader: We pray for strength for our nation’s leaders to act upon the commitment, made five years ago, to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay. Twelve years after the arrival of the first prisoner, Guantanamo remains a prominent symbol of our nation's violation of our deepest values. We pray for the spiritual healing that our nation can experience from closing Guantanamo and putting an end to this dark and errant chapter in our nation’s history.

People: We pray for the courage, as individuals and as a nation, to do what is right even when we experience fear and uncertainty.

Leader: We pray that, as a nation, we will work to ensure that the abuses authorized and committed in our name never happen again. These abuses included the use of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.

People: We grieve, knowing that inflicting injustice and cruelty on even one person scars and diminishes all of us.

Leader: Our nation's use of torture has degraded victims, perpetrators, and policy makers, and has damaged the integrity of our nation.

People: We pray for strength and steadfastness in the work of repairing the world. In all things may we honor the dignity of each person.

All: Amen

This prayer is also available in our bulletin insert, which you can use during worship services or as a handout.

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